GIPA re Roadside Drug Testing programs

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Create Date06/10/2015
Last Updated06/10/2015
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GIPA request to the NSW Police Force as follows:

  1. All Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other documented policies for roadside drug testing.
  2. Details of drug testing kits, including identification of type of kits, details of suppliers, and documentation of the tender process that was applied before NSW Police purchased kits.
  3. Confirmation of what substances are tested for in drug driving tests, both at the roadside and in the laboratory.
  4. Confirmation of what minimums/threshold amounts are detected and relied upon in both roadside and laboratory drug testing.
  5. Confirmation of whether alcohol and drug testing are ever performed at the same time, and in what situations.
  6. Confirmation regarding cannabis of whether the tests used (both roadside and at the laboratory) detect cannabis metabolites, active tetrahydrocannabinol, or both?
  7. Confirmation of whether saliva drug testing (either roadside or in the laboratory) detects ingestion of hemp products such as hemp oil and hemp seeds.
  8. Confirmation of whether drug testing (either roadside or in the laboratory) includes detection of legal or prescription drugs, such as methadone or benzodiazapines.
  9. Any research or studies that support NSW Police’s choice of minimum amount of drug tested for.
  10. Any research or studies that show any relationship between a driver’s impairment and presence of detectable illicit substances in saliva.
  11. Any research or studies that indicate how long cannabis will persist in saliva (particularly compared with other drugs), in both active and metabolised forms.
  12. Any research or studies regarding the length of the period for which cannabis use could impair driving.
  13. Any research or studies confirming that impairment of driving is or can be caused by ingesting hemp products such as hemp oil and hemp seeds.

Documents released include: 

  • Standard Operating Procedures for roadside drug testing
  • Drug testing tender
  • CozArt Rapiscan Operational Instructions
  • Relevant Hansard and legislation

Some of the core findings include the following: 

Does not test impairment Doesn't measure quantum Mere presence